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Old Skool Racer is a complete racing game world that recreates the sheer thrill of classic arcade racing games such as Outrun, Screamer, Star Wars Pod Racer and WaveRace 64. It features racing using cars, speedboats, hoverpods and chariots.


PC, consoles, iOS, Android, Web3


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  1. Customise your vehicle’s appearance using a combination of special parts, paint colours, decals, and materials.
  2. Choose the exact colour from millions of colours using a Photoshop-style colour palette.
  3. Select from multiple material types such as matte, fibreglass, glossy metal, gold, aluminium, and pearl.
  4. Add decals to your vehicle from the included library or choose from your own personal collection.
  5. Directly paint on the surface of the vehicle using a variety of custom paint brushes.
  6. Customise your car using parts such as spoilers and wheel rims

Winner’s Island

  1.  Unlock your own beautiful Winner’s Island, a luxury mansion, and a toy train
  2. Decorate your luxury mansion using furniture, carpets, paintings and chandeliers.
  3. Completely change the appearance of your mansion to suit your taste. Select from a collection of realistic wall paints, floor, and roof tiles.
  4. Win Championship races and display the winning trophies in the 3D Trophy Room inside your mansion.
  5. Wash your cars in your own private car wash
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